Inspiring Calligraphy Projects

With so many words being presented in type format these days, using handwritten words are slowly becoming a dying art. Calligraphy helps bring it back to life. Such a versatile skill, taking you back to using traditional methods, can be very satisfying.

10 ways to use your new-found Calligraphy skill. Which will you use first?

  1. Cards, Christmas, Christenings, Birthday Cards (Brush Lettering for Beginners Workshop, 25th October 10am until 12.15pm)
  2. Wedding invitations
  3. Place cards for weddings or dinner parties
  • 7. Name cards/ labels for jars and pots
  • 8. Personalised Art Work
  • 9. Quote Art
  • 10. Make your own company signage

Discover which are the right tools to use, quick tips, and different techniques to create your chosen look. Start your Calligraphy journey with us at our beginners’ Brush Lettering Workshop, 25th October 10am until 12.15pm

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