Lets talk Christmas…..


Whether you are looking to make a Christmas present for someone this year or fancy treating yourself to a little creative ‘me time’ then check out our Christmas line up.

Make something Christmassy for your home, spend some time with family and friends. Making memories at Christmas is what it is all about and making something together makes it an even more lasting memory. So book yourself a pre-Christmas workshop together. 

Make your home feel Christmassy with a Willow Angel and decorations. Don’t forget the Christmas Wreath for your door! The best wreath on the block will be yours! Decorate your tree with handmade glass fused decorations. Leave Santa some homemade chocolate truffles. Write your Christmas cards and present labels in beautiful Calligraphy lettering. 

Nothing says how much you value someone in your life than a handmade gift. Personalise a notebook, designed and hand stitched by you at the bookbinding workshop. Make a beautiful hand crafted piece of glass fused jewellery or stained glass.  Who doesn’t love Owls!? Hand carve a wonderful Owl character, Snowman or Santa, a truly unique and memorable gift. 

Check out the list of workshops click here to see the full list. Lets make some Christmas memories.

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