Why being creative is good for your health

One of the great things about crafts is that it is something anyone can do. There is a craft for everyone.

The benefits are endless, it can stretch your imagination, release your creativity, allow you to express your thoughts and emotions. It is about taking time for you to relax, explore your thoughts and connect to yourself and others around you. It gives us the opportunity to experience a sense of pleasure, satisfaction and achievement. Drawing together a feeling of ‘wellbeing’, which is commonly linked to the act of ‘making’.

Modern day living has reduced the expectation and need for us to make everything ourselves. We can simply purchase the majority of things from a shop. But it hasn’t stopped our desire and need for the sense of satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment that handmaking things brings.   

The purpose of Rural Antics Craft Workshops is to bring a variety of art and craft workshops that offers an opportunity for people to learn, build confidence and practice newfound skills. To bring people together to enjoy a new experience, shared passion, forge friendships and boost your health.

5 reasons why you should take up a craft:-

1. The many health and mental benefits

  • Improved attention span
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Improves mood
  • Releases stress & anxiety
  • Regulates emotions

2. You can get really good at it quickly

Crafting can be addictive, find a craft that you love and your hobby can quickly grow. You don’t need to be good at it to start with but if you enjoy the act and keep doing it, your confidence will grow and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and achievement.

3. It is sociable and individual

Ever sat late into the night watching tv and wished you used your time more wisely? Well, with a craft you can do it anytime and because you are enjoying yourself the time will fly by. You can introduce friends and family to your craft, it makes a great talking point. You can join crafting groups and meet new people, reducing isolation and loneliness.  

4. Improves Wellbeing

Creativity can improve your wellbeing, helping you to feel good which in turn helps you be resilient to life’s ups and downs, helping you function well.  It doesn’t take much either, even small improvements to your wellbeing helps you to flourish, as well as being beneficial for some mental health conditions.

5. It reduces stress

Although it has already been mentioned, the reduction in stress levels is a big one. Taking part and learning a new craft offers a distraction, time out of everyday tasks and challenges. Enables you to gain focus on one activity in turn reduces anxiety and negativity.  Offering a sense of achievement and satisfaction.  

Feeling inspired and ready to enjoy a new craft?

To find out more about why being creative is good for your health visit the BBC Art Creative website and take the ‘Feel Good Test to see how you can boost your creative hobbies.

Then check out Rural Antics Craft workshop page and see which workshop takes your fancy. Choose from wood workshops, art, textiles, calligraphy, bookbinding and many more. All our workshops include refreshments, materials and tools so you don’t need to remember anything except yourself. Click here to see what workshops we have. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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