Spring has sprung!

Long-tailed tit, where to nest?

Long-tailed tit, where to nest?

Spring is time for more vineyard maintenance.  In winter the hedges were trimmed before the birds started to think about nesting, now we mow the vineyard rows to dissuades the pheasants and Skylarks from nesting there and to allow the frost to roll down the hill.

It’s also time to plan the yearly cycle of routine jobs, however this needs to be flexible as the weather can move the growing season by a matter of weeks!

During winter pruning we took lots of cutting, these have gone into a sand based greenhouse bench and will be used to extend our stock when they have sprouted roots. These Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir will be planted in the vineyard next Spring.  This Spring we have some of last year’s Chardonnay cutting ready to plant.

On the lake our resident pair of Canada Geese ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ have returned. Last year they successfully hatched 4 of 7 eggs in a comfortable goose down nest on the largest island. We hope for another happy story to follow this year.

Our website is finally working, thank you to those who called to ask about vineyard tours in the interim.  If you find any errors or problems anywhere on the site please let us know, or if you have any suggestions they would be very welcome too.

Rural Antics has launched the first workshop rural arts, crafts and skills workshop: Beginners Landscape Oil Paintings, details here. We’re a bit rustic and rough as we’re re-purposing a barn to run the classes, but we promise you’ll have a great day, some good food and a glass of local wine!

Win a free tour and tasting for 2 by coming up with the best name for the 3 islands on our lake. Visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/hanwellwine, email info@hanwellwine.co.uk or drop a note in the letterbox with your suggestions, get creative!!

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