5 Amazing Workshops you Missed in 2017

5 Craft Workshops you missed in 2017!

Our Rural Antics Workshops, which take place at our beautiful Nottinghamshire vineyard, offer a wide variety of creative options, from willow weaving and oil painting to poetry and photography.

Oil Painting workshop with talented Artist Sara Penrose 

‘Sara’s teaching skills are exceptional, as a complete beginner I had no idea where to start, but Sara’s patience and talent gave me confidence. Starting with the basics of how to use the oils and tools, she showed us how to start working on the canvas and how to build each layer. To complete an Oil painting in a day is something I never thought I could do!’ – Bill who attended in May 2017

Join us at our next workshop, refreshments and home made lunch with wine included – 5th May 2018 – to book click here. 

Beginner’s Poetry Workshop with Fiona Theokritoff 

This half day workshop unearthed some fabulous creative writing skills. Our guests enjoyed a stroll around the estate and through the vineyard searching for inspiration. Fiona led them in some creative wordplay before setting pen to paper.  Below is a wonderful poem one of our guests, Helen wrote that day.

The Music of the Vineyard

By Helen Hagon (our guest from our 2017 poetry workshop)
We follow the winding overture-path,
across the stave of blue above and green below.
A prelude to the music of the vineyard.
Contrapuntal birdsong,
rumbling traffic weaving in polyphony,
and the drone of a distant plane in the bass.
Nature and unnature attempting harmony.
Thistles and nettles play prickly staccato,
contrasting with leafy and grassy legato.
Celestial lighting in this airy concert hall
Brightened and dimmed by dancing clouds.
Buds waiting to clash blossoming cymbals
at the season’s climax
when the minor key of winter
modulates to spring major.

Join us at our next poetry workshop, this year’s theme for our 4-hour spring workshop is ‘Stepping into the Green’. Fiona will guide you through a simple process of observation and writing, specially created for beginners – 28th April 2018 to book click here. 


Weaving Workshop with Veronica Skuriat

We hosted 2 great Weaving Workshops in 2017 giving our guests a chance to embrace this ‘ancient craft’. Using weave materials of their choice the attendees created very varied artworks.

This woven picture was made by Karen, we love the use of colour and texture to depict the landscape.  Karen returned to a different workshop later on in the year and brought with her, her completed weaved wall hanging to show us.

We were so delighted she shared her beautiful piece with us. She then joined us at our Oil Painting Workshop, a brilliant creative year for Karen and we look forward to welcoming her back to the estate in 2018!

If you fancy giving weaving a go join us at our next workshop – 24th February 2018 to book click here.



Beginner’s Photography Workshop with Chris England

We had the great pleasure of welcoming award-winning photographer Chris England to host our Beginners Photography workshop, the 1st date was so well attended we had to book a 2nd date and now with increasing demand he will be back in 2018.

“Chris is a great guy, he has loads of knowledge and is so passionate about photography it’s great to spend time with someone so enthused about their passion. He demonstrated and introduced us to key principles of taking great images, we spent lots of time outside practising and taking pictures of the surrounding countryside.  The vineyard and the lake are the perfect back drop. I had a great day spending time with like-minded people in a relaxing environment learning something new. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to get to grips with their camera.” – John who attended in October 2017

If you fancy joining us at our next Beginner’s Photography Workshop on the 21st April 2018 – to book click here. 

Taken by Chris during the workshop


Spoon Carving Workshop with Martin Rollins

We had the great pleasure of welcoming Martin Rollins our expert in Bush craft skills. His workshop offered a fabulous insight into the ancient craft of hand-carving green wood into everyday tools, making a butter knife and spoon. Whilst carving our guests were treated to the tales of Martins bush craft adventures and about surviving in the great outdoors.

Join us at our next spoon carving workshop on the 14th April 2018 – to book click here.



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