Hanwell Wine Estate ‘Sunset Sparkle’ Sparkling Dry White 2015 Vintage


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Hanwell Wine Estate ‘Sunset Sparkle’ Sparkling Dry White 2015 Vintage


Hanwell Wine Estates debut English Sparkling Wine, 2015 vintage, made using the Traditional method from the ‘champagne’ grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. All grown in Hickling Pastures Nottinghamshire. Limited quantity, maximum 12 per customer. Vegan.

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We’re proud to announce that after many years of loving care our first ever Nottinghamshire Sparkling wine is ready to taste!  Vintage 2015.  Traditional champagne grape vine varieties made using the traditional method.

This sparkling wine has been lovingly handmade using the ‘traditional method’, just like French Champagne. This involves pressing the grapes gently to squeeze out only the best quality juice, then fermenting twice, first in tank then in the bottle. It’s that in-bottle fermentation that gives it the beautifully delicate tiny bubbles. Finally the wine is riddled, disgorged and topped up with dosage. Our dosage is more of the same wine as there’s no need to add anything else!

Made by award winning winemaker Tony Skuriat from the 2015 harvest of our champagne variety grapevines: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

When tasting you’ll pick up the lemony Chardonnay and the toasty, yeasty edge you’d expect in quality fizz. It’s a true reflection of the Hickling Pastures ‘terroir’, years of loving care and top quality grape varieties.

Available for purchase direct from our Cellar Door Shop, please check our Open Hours before travelling or call to make an appointment 01949 81393.

This is made using no animal products and is vegetarian and vegan.


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