Winter Pruning

The vines planted in 2012 are now mature enough to support more growth, so this year we are pruning to the Double Guyot system.

Vine management systems assist in canopy management, there is a delicate balance to be found between enough foliage to facilitate photosynthesis and excessive shading that could slow grape ripening or promote diseases.

Our pruning objective is to prune back last year’s growth to leave 2 fruiting canes and 2 spurs.

how to prune vines


Each pruning cut has to be considered carefully, firstly last year’s vine growth is assessed.   If strong enough for Double Guyot then the main fruiting canes and the potential spurs are identified. The fruiting canes must have at least 8 buds, originate from near the vine trunk and ideally be lying one left and one right.

Spurs should be similarly positioned, but these are our investment into 2018 they are cut to 2 buds and will provide fruiting canes for next year’s crop.

Weak vines are still trained to Single Guyot, with a single spur.

If you have a vine in your garden some good pruning videos are on Youtube, here are our favorites:

Happy pruning!

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